From NGI to GIA

Many people ask about becoming a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the foremost school for gemology in the industry and creators of most of the gemological systems used in the trade today. Whether studying in residence at GIA’s Carlsbad California campus or through correspondence while staying at home, the processes of diamond grading and gemstone identification with hand’s on training at NGI will set you up for success.

Just ask Audrey Forrest, newly anointed G.G. and former NGI intern– now employed here, assisting in our gemology classes and at the lab, while learning the processes of appraising fine jewelry. As an NGI student, Audrey exercised our offer of studying for the GIA courses using our school equipment. Already knowing the fundamentals, she cruised through her studies with near-perfect scores, becoming a G.G. in well under a year while employed locally by Mill Creek Jewelers.

Over the years, several NGI graduates have gone one to become G.G.’s and found little trouble with the GIA curriculum because they had already learned the tough stuff right here at NGI!

For a small investment, you will gain confidence in the examination of diamonds, their treatments and substitutes and learn to use gem ID equipment such as the refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope, specific gravity liquids and, of course, the microscope. Even if you do not wish to become a G.G., an NGI education pays big dividends for both those in industry and consumers.

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