It isn’t only work, work, work at the lab. Sometimes we “play” with the stuff we are appraising by photographing neat inclusions – especially the ones that look like something interesting, like birds, Abe Lincoln an so on.
We, of course photograph a lot of specimen inclusions for classroom use and the occasional “doesn’t that look just like a…” formation. Sometimes the inclusions aren’t anything special by themselves, but when reflected off of other facets become more interesting. For instance, take a look the feather we photographed in a diamond the other day. Oriented in the center of the stone near the culet, it reflects into a pattern resembling a palm tree. Or fireworks. Cool, huh?
With the release of Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones , Vol. 2, John Koivula/Edward Gübelin we have another fabulous collection of microphotographs that aid in identification, show the beauty in crystals and are just plain fun to look at. It’s books like these (with the last in the series due in ‘07) that showcase gemstones – not the jewelry they often become part of and keep our profession interesting.
Wow! We have never had so many “dedicated” gemology students. By that we mean those taking multiple classes or even starting GIA diploma courses. Our Spring classes saw an almost complete turnover of Diamond Grading students into our Gemstone ID course and then to our Gem ID II course. From those classes four NGI graduates were already or about to be enrolled at the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America). Having taken our classes, they will be able to utilize NGI equipment and cruise through their studies (saving thousands of dollars in the process) as they complete their G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist program.

Discount Tuition Packages
In 2006, we will bundle multiple classes for discounts so those interested in more than one can get a tuition break. Although our single class rates have finally been raised (still half of G.I.A.’s comparable class), applied discounts make them similar to those of ’05. To obtain these rates you must register for multiple classes as a package.

Registration advice.
Classes are intentionally small so early enrollment is recommended. Several sold out in 2005. Also note that Gemstone Identification II or Gemstone Evaluation courses require taking Gemstone Identification first. Ted’s Tucson Tour requires you to take Gem ID and Gem Evaluation. All of our classes may be viewed at

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