Did you know that we sell basic gemological stuff, like jeweler’s loupes, tweezers and books? Recently, we found great buys on some other things and would like to share them with you now. All purchases are at our lab in Bellevue, WA with applicable sales tax.

Colorful Jeweler’s Loupes
10X corrected loupes are available in exotic colors such as Mocha Brown (a Seattle favorite), Lapis Blue, Emerald Green and Hot Pink. Of course, basic black is always in fashion: $25 plus tax. We also have a 20X loupe at $27.50.



Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit
A real ultrasonic cleaner with stainless steel tank, 42,000 oscillations per second and included industrial strength solution. We also throw in a jeweler’s rouge cloth for a finishing touch. The complete kit is only $69.95 plus tax.



Metals Gram Scale
Accurate to 0.1grams or pennyweights. Also measures ounces (to 0.001) and carats (0.1). Fits in a shirt pocket. $59.95 plus tax



We also have a limited number of books available

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