Antiques Roadshow Comes to Seattle

Look for two NGI instructors on PBS television in 1997. As part of a thirteen part series entitled Antique Roadshow – Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures, producer WGBH-Boston utilized the expertise of Karen Lorene and Ted Irwin for the evaluation of fine jewelry.

The series premise is to find “hidden treasures” – things socked away in the attic that might have value or a story behind them.

The show is a moving production studio on a thirteen city tour of the country and a spin-off of a very successful British series.

When presented with a potential treasure, the producers ask to conduct an interview with the client and expert for an on-camera reaction and background story.

Representatives from major auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s and regional experts in the areas of art, furniture, watches, jewelry and collectibles gathered at the Washington State Convention Center last July to evaluate items brought in by Northwest PBS viewers.

Lorene, NGI’s instructor of Antique Jewelry and Irwin, school director, gave verbal evaluations to the jewelry owners including stone identities and a little history lesson.
While most everything presented to the team that day was uneventful, the line-up at the jewelry table was constant and a great many found out about their family jewelry.

Unfortunately, the jewelry find of the show was not revealed on camera due to the owner’s reluctance for publicity, so Karen and Ted didn’t get an on-air opportunity.

“One other possible story we had,” explains Irwin, “involved a lady who was adamant about her jewelry being of great value. She questioned my identification of the stones which turned out to be synthetic. It probably would have been good interview material for those who would like to see the appraiser getting punched on camera.”

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