New Sales Techniques for Pre-Owned Jewelry

Preliminary Reports for everyone !!
Until now, our preliminary fine jewelry reports have been available only to those in the resale trade,i.e. antique stores, pawn brokers, etc. because these reports are not for insurance purposes, but to facilitate a sale of pre-owned jewelry. Now, with the prevalence of E-marketing and those who consign, we have decided to offer this service directly to the public. Our Preliminary Fine Jewelry Report gives the prospective buyer the metal identity of the item, stone identity, estimated weights for diamonds, color, clarity etc. in a compact form with color photograph. A realistic retail value places the article in perspective for an informed decision. This an abbreviated report not for insurance, but for verification and relative value. The cost is $40 by appointment/down to $30 in quantity with 3-5 day turnaround.

CD Support Services for pre-owned jewelry now include high resolution CD burned
photographs to include in your advertising. Our detailed photos help the client visualize their upcoming purchase or archive items for future use. Add from $15 to your existing service. Can also be used to compliment your fine jewelry appraisal by putting everything on CD.

Want to Sell? Our brochure will be available soon
Our newly revised “What You Need To Know About Selling Your Fine Jewelry” gives the layperson insight into the realities of marketing fine jewelry and the various methods available to them. Information for private sale, auctions, E-trading, print media plus possible tax implications. Click on Selling Your Jewelry or call for this updated brochure.

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