Laser-ed Out of Flawless

A couple of newsletters ago we spoke to an instance where laser-inscriptions could lower a diamond’s clarity grade and guess what? A pending sale between a local buyer and Internet jeweler brought us a GIA certified Internally Flawless one carat diamond for verification and value. The diamond checked out to the GIA documentation with one exception – a laser inscription not there at the time of certification had been added by the seller, with their name and ID number on the girdle. Unfortunately, the process used had entered the diamond and was visible at 10X in the face-up position. The diamond now graded VVS and would require re-cutting to bring it back to flawless, potentially making it less than a carat (that’s thousands of dollars). While most inscriptions are not intrusive, this case-in-point shows us the need for caution in such procedures. It also points out the need to have third-party verification before a purchase. Had the buyer not done this, it may have been years before its detection.

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