Speaking of Synthetics…

The flame fusion process of making corundum in a lab has been around for over one hundred years and is usually easily spotted by anyone with some basic gem ID knowledge and a decent microscope. The colors are usually too good to be true and without strong zoning or prominent secondary hues. So when we received a classic “Ceylon” color sapphire – that saturated soft violetish-blue with apparent color zoning when tilted, it was a surprise to see copious amounts of gas bubbles inside (that means synthetic). It was also the second such stone we have had in a short period of time, indicative of a new source in the marketplace.

That source is often from the internet, with false assertions by those who are in the business and know full well what they are selling. Don’t base a purchase on an unknown source, appraiser or “feedback” rating without a trip to NGL and full return promise if not fully satisfied. Caveat Emptor!

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