It is the mission of Northwest Gemological Laboratory to offer unbiased service of the highest standards in the field of fine jewelry appraisals and gemological consultation to both the trade and public.

Director’s Statement

First off, let me say what I do not want NGL to be. It is not my intent to run the largest gemological facility. It is not my intent to offer a myriad of appraisal formats based upon the wishes of the client. In particular I do not wish NGL to be known as a lab catering only to the trade to help them sell more jewelry.

What I do want NGL to be known for is uncompromised service in the interest of the owner of fine jewelry. I believe that in safeguarding the public, we best serve the trade, which fuels the need for our services in the first place. I wish to demonstrate expertise that sets us apart from other appraisers and makes NGL the most respected in our field.

I believe the purpose of the fine jewelry appraisal is to give an honest, qualified and disinterested opinion of the article appraised without inflated values that have no benefit in an insurance replacement. An appraiser should not try to dictate the value of an item, but report a relative value based upon comparables.

I wish NGL to be known for its ability to appraise a broad range of articles from antique to contemporary jewelry, pearls and watches and for accurate representation in purposes other than insurance. Knowledge of the secondary markets, procedures and legal requirements for estate and other types of appraisals distinguish NGL in these specialized areas.

Finally, I want our laboratory to be one that you refer friends and business associates to because you trust the opinions offered and know that we value your questions and concerns.


Ted A. Irwin, President