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Fine Jewelry Appraisals
From $125

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The industry’s foremost fine jewelry appraisal includes a detailed article description, color photograph(s), metals analysis, 4-C’s for diamond to strict GIA standards, colored gemstone identity, qualitative analysis, and a well-researched, realistic value for the intended purpose.

Center diamond inclusion diagram…………. add  $30 with appraisal, $60 added if later
Most insurers require an inclusion diagram of your center diamond and we highly recommend it to prove identity. If you already have a GIA or AGS diamond grading report, you should not need another.  For other lab reports, we can take a look.

Larger diamonds  2.00 + carat center………add $30 per carat

Additional side stones…. add $10 per set (like cut and size).
Gives the number and collective weight, color and clarity.  Different size categories, shapes require separate descriptions.

We appraise, diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, watches, contemporary, period and antique jewelry.

Some estate specialty articles may involve additional research and fees, which will be quoted at the time of take-in.

Preliminary Reports
From $70

Fine Jewelry

Designed to aid in resale or for general knowledge. Not an insurance document.  Includes metals analysis, center and side stone descriptions, color photograph and comparable retail replacement value.

Includes measurements, 4C’s to strict GIA standards, plus retail replacement value.

Colored Stones
Includes identity, measurements, carat weight, color/clarity description, plus comparable retail replacement value.

Larger center stones - 2.00 carats and up………. add $30/carat (waived for several colored gemstones)

Verbal Identifications from $35

General to the consumer: $250 per hour

Identifications, relative value for the designated purpose without documentation.  Good for sorting loose stones and estate jewelry for family distributions…..1/2 hr minimum

Legal:  $350 per hour

Trial preparation, expert testimony for civil and criminal matters…1/2 day minimum