Since 1978…

The Northwest’s School for Gemology

NGI provides the ideal environment for learning the essentials of gemology and jewelry-related subjects. Our courses are specific and taught by the most effective form of instruction – where you learn by doing. Classes are small, allowing students to interact with the instructor and receive answers to their plentiful questions.

The best education however, begins with a stimulating curriculum. It must be implemented by knowledgeable instructors who have a real interest in teaching. NGI faculty members are not only some of the industry’s foremost experts, but people dedicated to sharing their specialized knowledge and furthering their field.

In gemology and jewelry-related subjects, NGI has a tradition of offering only the highest standard of practical education. Whether you attend to further your career goals or fulfill a longstanding interest, our commitment is to provide an education you can put to immediate use.

NGI students come from all fields of endeavor. Of course, many are jewelers who need product knowledge to better present their merchandise or work on articles of jewelry. Many, however have no association with the field other than having an interest in jewelry or becoming better-informed consumers. Some students will find gemology to be a career goal and go on the further education after establishing a solid foundation at NGI.

NGI Facilities provide a comfortable learning environment with all of the tools needed for the tasks at hand. A fully equipped laboratory for gemology with audio/visual components and microscopy are utilized by skilled instructors to demonstrate the concepts in detailed and dramatic fashion.

Cost-effectiveness is also important for any individual or company. Since our education focuses on the most practical material on each topic, NGI classes optimize your time and investment. We feel that NGI offers the best value in our field and work to keep our classes affordable. We also try to accommodate the needs of working students with creative scheduling that minimizes time away from the job. All necessary class materials are provided and most of our courses include workbooks for the student to keep and utilize over their career.