Classes offered by the Northwest Gemological Institute are listed below. Clicking on the name of the course will display further information about that course.

Please note:
Not all listed courses are currently available. Consult the current class schedule or call us for more information. If you have an interest in an unavailable class, we will put your name on a waiting list and contact you when one is scheduled.

Attention - GIA and Gem-A correspondence students:

NGI's hands-on instruction and small group student/instructor ratio makes our Diamond and Gemstone Identification classes ideal for students enrolled in distance learning programs of other schools.  NGI instructors can help make important concepts clear and our classroom facilities are an ideal place to grade the stones sent to you for examination.  NGI Diamond Grading and Gem ID students are allowed to use our classroom equipment to help them complete their correspondence studies in those areas.


Since NGI has students dating back to 1978, we get inquiries about re-taking a class as a refresher.  This is especially beneficial if it's been a while since you graded a diamond or identified a colored stone - or if you need to be better-prepared for a more advanced class.

Gemology students in Diamond Grading or Gemstone Identification who wish to take an NGI class for the second time may register on a stand-by basis at one-half the current tuition rate, providing the class is not otherwise full.


Gift certificates are available for both classes and packages and can be purchased at the lab during normal business hours.