Length: 16 hours
Instructor: Ted Irwin, Graduate Gemologist
NGI Director

See why diamonds are in a class by themselves.

Learn about diamond properties, correct application of the 4 C’s and what is being done in the lab to treat or create diamond and its impostors, as well as how they are priced in the wholesale marketplace.

Identify inclusions by dark-field binocular microscopic examination and diagram those characteristics for identification.  Apply the clarity grading standards of the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) with comparisons to those of the American Gem Society (AGS).   Learn to properly use a jeweler’s loupe for diamond inspection and presentation.  Use proven methods to reliably estimate carat weight of loose and mounted stones.

Students will color grade diamonds with “master” comparison diamonds and be introduced to the GIA fancy color grading system and the Argyle  “champagne” diamond system.

Cutting procedures, styles and the grading systems of both the GIA and  AGS  will demonstrate the importance of proper cut and its impact on both beauty and value.

Students will identify diamond treatments, such as fracture-filling clarity-enhancement (in photo), substitutes such as Cubic Zirconia and synthetic Moissanite as well as synthetic diamonds.

An overview of trade pricing procedures will round out this thorough examination of what jewelers sell most.

Our comprehensive laboratory manual becomes a valuable reference.