Length: 6 hours
Instructor: Ted Irwin, Graduate Gemologist
NGI Director

Pre-requisite: Gemstone Identification

This is the class that teaches gemstone values.  Learn the subtle distinctions that impact what you spend for colored gemstones and how to buy them wisely – whether at a trade show or from your local vendor.  Discuss the various color description systems and how to ask the right questions. Learn to better shop the trade shows and preview the world’s largest in Tucson, Arizona.

Our pricing is powered by the Gem Guide of Gemworld International (Ted’s on the Advisory Board).   After you determine a stone’s quality, you will apply pricing structures to arrive at the appropriate value.  If you buy gemstones, learn from our school rather than the “school of hard knocks.”

Graduates are eligible for Ted’s Tucson Tour, our annual February trip to the best classroom on earth.